The village of Stephani is built amphitheatrically on the harsh and rocky slopes of Mt. Trahoni, situated on the mountain ridge of Homeric Tretos on the present day borders between the prefectures of Corinthia and Argolis. Perched at a height of 830m the village enjoys commanding views over its small, fertile valley, the historic city of Nauplia, the blue waters of the Argosaronic gulf and some of its islands, as well as the mountain chains of the eastern and central Peloponnese.
The village is organised according to the standards of Greek mountain settlements. Built on the southern slopes of the mountain, in order to have favourable climate conditions, it neighbours the fields and pasturelands that provide the basics for survival. The location is difficult to access and well protected between the mountains that form the historic passes of Dervenakia and Aghionori (also called Kontoporeia), which connect the Corinthia with the interior of the Peloponnese since ancient times and are better known today as the site where one of the most famous battles of the Greek Revolution took place in 1822.


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