Evrostina – Zacholi


It is about a village full of springs, threshing floors and chapels, that gives the feeling of a traditional picturesque village, as its structure remains the same. At the entrance of Evrostini the impressive temple of Agios Georgios will cut your breath, and it dates back to 1811. The 18 domes, the traditional springs and the seven cypresses are the most impressive architectural characteristics in the yard of the temple. The chapel of Panagia ton Katafigion is worth visiting, as it is built in the hollow of a rock and it is a great historical place of the region.
In the plateau of Zacholi, with the dense black pine forest, you will find the famous Mylon Stream and a natural stream with lakes full of trouts, waterfalls and little wooden bridges.

The most beautiful sight of the village is the river of Zacholi, which goes by it.

The village was very important during the Greek War of Independence and it has shown two great chieftains, Panagiotakis Geraris and Christos Zinis or Zacholitis.


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