Feneos Sinks


Feneos plain for a long time was a lake with its size being 194.000 stremma. That happened because the water from Olvios and Doxa rivers didn’t come out to the sea, so they ended up in the plain. After many years of those water ending up in the plain, some big depths have been formed, the so-called sinks, that solved the problem of this water coming from the two rivers.
Sometimes the sinks closed and that had as a result the creation of a marsh that gradually turned into a lake. The Lake of Feneos and the sinks was an inspiration for the mythology and that shows how important they were in people’s life. The lake was also a reason for the movement of the inhabitants, and that is obvious from the name of the villages. The last time the sinks were open, was in 1897, when the lake completely dried and the poor inhabitants found land to cultivate. Since then, the lake hasn’t made an appearance yet, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t in the future.


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