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Natural Thermal Spring

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The region Loutra Oreas Elenis is 10 km far from Corinth and the thermal spring is located on the southern side of the ancient port of Corinth, called Kechrees. In the 5th century B.C. the spring was named Reiton, while the name “Loutra Oreas Elenis” seems to have been given to the region after the queen of Sparta, the Beautiful Helen, who is believed that she has had her baths there.
The thermal spring is characterised by the great flow of the water. It comes up in a beautiful, full of pines, coastal environment, with healthy climate. Many visitors bathe in the spring and enjoy both the sea and the thermal spring. The temperature of the water of the spring is 19 °C, while the springs that comes up into the sea have a temperature of 28-29 °C. Today, there are no thermalistic facilities operating.
Thermal spring water
Characterisation: Cold Cl- Na hypotonic thermal spring water of the Municipality of Corinth
Therapeutic Indications: Rheumatic Diseases

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