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The heart of the wine-growing zone of Nemea, was called “Fliasia chora” in Classical Antiquity. Flias, the chief inhabitant of the city “Flious” is mentioned to be wealthy because of the vineyards that his father “Dionysus” gave to him. In fact, the coins of the city had symbols of Dionysus on them, who was the god of wine.

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A culinary miracle, dating back approximately 8.000 years. Greece is the third country in production of dairy products among European countries. Cheese production is top among the many products of the Greek market. There are 70 types of cheese and 21 of these have been certified as PDO products. In Peloponnese, “FETA” cheese is recognized as a PDO product.


Stymfalia SA – Leggas Cheese Factory

We are located on a altitude of 700m, in a village called Kaliani, in the mountainous Corinthia.
We have been producing cheese and dairy products since 1936 and since 1995 we have begun our new plant. Our cheese dairy is one of Greece’s most modern, with the most ideal hygienic conditions and a stable milk cooling system.
By collecting high quality milk from the Ziria pasture, we have been producing for years, feta and yogurt of exceptional quality, with the nutritional characteristics of the traditional recipe.

Authentic recipes are made the way our ancestors showed us and produced with pure and natural materials. They are made with love for those, who will taste them.


When tradition meets technology unique tastes are created. In Mesino, Feneo Korinthias, is based the traditional pasta workshop "Roula". Authentic recipies, made in a way the older ones showed us, with pure products from the local tenors, made with appettite and love for those who will taste them. Noodles, lazagnia, barley and other types of pasta, with eggs and milk from house animals, remind us and revive loved and forgotten flavours. In this traditional shop you will find all the local products that you need to taste.Pasta with traditional tastes, that the old surely remember and the young wiil get to know, pasta with new flavor.

In the mountain area of Korinthia region grows a big variety of plants and seeds, that are responsible for the production of pulses! They are tested and certified and of great quality.

Nuts are a healthy, nutritional and delicious choice and that is why they are not missing from our diet. They are preferred not only in special occasions but also daily in our breakfast, lunch or as a snack.

“Black gold” … That is how it was called earlier in Greece and not only because it was a top product for export but because people knew how beneficial it is for our health.

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