When tradition meets technology unique tastes are created

In Mesino, Feneo Korinthias, is based the traditional pasta workshop "Roula". Authentic recipies, made in a way the older ones showed us, with pure products from the local tenors, made with appettite and love for those who will taste them.

Noodles, lazagnia, barley and other types of pasta, with eggs and milk from house animals, remind us and revive loved and forgotten flavours. In this traditional shop you will find all the local products that you need to taste.Pasta with traditional tastes, that the old surely remember and the young wiil get to know, pasta with new flavor.

Homemade marmelades , traditional homemade fruit spoon sweets and local hive's honey products

Do not leave without having taste - and buy- Feneos' beans !

Greece is more a country of tradition than of innovation. The idea is simple: To add value to traditional products by incorporating innovative technologies.

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