Foxy Wheels

'' A cross-country adventure for everyone.''

Driven by our passion for motorcycles, we invite you to an enjoyable two-day off-road tour.

Foxy Wheels is not a race, it is not a trail ride, it is not hard enduro.

It's a two-day adventure designed to fully satisfy riders with either less or more experience riding through unique on-off routes. We will accompany you and ride with you through Greek nature where we will have unlimited off-road choices.
We will guide you through natural and archaeological treasures with a history of thousands of years, combine the mountain with the sea and enjoy Greece's rich gastronomy and hospitality.


Provided Services

All we need is your company and a taste for adventure and let Foxy Wheels take care of the rest.


1-2 or more Off Road Guided Tour .

Through beautiful off-road routes, we will be your guide to nature, history, culture, and the gastronomy of our beautiful country. We will offer you our own motorcycles.

Ride with us



Full accommodation 1 up to 3 nights in a private room at a boutique hotel together with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Admission fees to Cave of Castria.


Support and Emergency Car

There will always be a support car close by for your needs. An emergency car will be at your disposal in case of damage to the motorcycle or accident.
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Safe Liability & Safety Tools
Ασφάλεια και εξοπλισμός ασφαλείας.
Upon registration, we will provide you with a insurance liability package service in order to feel secured towards any potential concern during your stay with us. We also carry with us critical equipment (tools, motorcycle spare parts, and first aid kits) in order to ensure your safety throughout the tour.



-Motorbikes must be technically checked 100%.

Motorcycles must be fully mechanically checked and equipped with number plates, insurance, green card, and a drivers license.

-Off-Road Tires.

It is preferably better to use off-road or at least 50-50 tires for off-road terrain.

-Off-Road GearHelmet (preferably off-road with goggles or rally helmet), boots, protectors for knees, elbows, and chest, gloves,  jacket (rain-jacket), camelback or backpack (It is advisable to stay hydrated throughout the rides). In case of a co-rider, the off-road gear is a prerequisite.


Private tour

Would you like a private tour or anything else? We are ready to design a private tour according to your preferences

'' A cross-country adventure for everyone.''
'' Α cross-country adventure for everyone.''
'' A cross-country adventure for everyone.''
'' A cross-country adventure for everyone.''
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Our base is located in mountainous Korinthia and specifically in the Upper-Lower and the Middle cluster of Trikala.



From Athens

Via the suburban railway starting at the Athens International Airport and Kiato Corinth Terminal. You can view the itineraries by pressing the link and there is the possibility of pick up & drop off at Kiato by us.

Via Attiki Odos and the E94 National Road. For more information press link .


This is where Ziria Mountain dominates and through it we will wander through two more prefectures of the Peloponnese, the prefecture of Achaia and the prefecture of Argolis.  All three areas have a rich history that begins in the depths of ancient times. With us you will ride into the heart of nature and discover all these wonderful treasures.


The landscape has several alternations and the three counties join the mountain to the sea. We will lead to mapped dirt roads of mild difficulty, without that implying that we will not also reach more challenging parts, depending on the season. The vegetation is alternated by fir trees - pines - plinths – olive trees & vineyards.

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