Temple of Zeus


The temple of Zeus in ancient Nemea has been built with special kind of stone in the 4th BC. century in the place of an archaic temple. Its foundation is about 44.5 meters long and about 22 meters wide. The columns are about 10 meters high and are still imposing in nemean field. It consists of an enlarged inside area with porch and sanctuary. The pinion columns were Doric, six on the east and west side, and twelve on the north and south side. The foundation of an oblong altar east of the temple is preserved.
The temple of Zeus was dominated by a large and well-organized sanctuary where Zeus and the infant hero Ofeltis were worshiped.
To the east of the entrance of temple, there was a stone altar dedicated to the sacrifices in honor of Zeus, which dates back to the 5th century B.C..
Southwest of the temple of Zeus, an elongated mound was found, which protected the sacred area from floods. In the southern part of this mound, Ofeltis’ Heroon was found.


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