Pegasus Statue


In Eleftherios Venizelos Square in Korinthos there is the Pegasus Statue. Pegasus was the main symbol of Ancient Corinth, being in every Corinthian stater (coin of great value) and today it constitutes an emblem of the municipality of Corinth and the city of Corinth.
Pegasus was born by the unification of Poseidon with Gorgon Medusa near to the Ocean. It is a symbol of the water, and it was tamed by Velerefontis, the most important hero in Corinth, with the help of goddess Athena, at the time he was drinking water in Ano Pirini in Acrocorinth (a.k.a Drakonera)
It’s not a coincidence that Pegasus was not only a symbol of the water but also he was able to create water springs, while it created Ano Pirini and the Muses of Elikonas.


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