Mount Foukas


Mount Foukas is in Korinthia region and located on the south side of the villages Chalkio and Kalentzi. The mountain was named Fokas or Foukas because of its strange peak; it looks like a smokestack which is called foka in Greek. Another explanation is that it was named after the Byzantine family of Fokades. In ancient times, it was known as Apesas, named after the hero Apesas who was king of the area. The mountain has a strong presence in mythology and historical tradition. The mountain’s strategic position leads to the erection of a medieval fortress for effective control of the area and aiding in transportation and communication. On the top there have been found remains of an ancient temple dedicated to Apesantios Zeus.
According to tradition the caves in Foukas were an ascetic shelter since the period of the Byzantine Empire.
Nowadays there is a monastery of Zoodochos Pygi, where the fortress used to be. The monastery can be reached only by a dirt road.


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