Lake Vouliagmeni


Lake Vouliagmeni is a lagoon, located northwest of Loutraki, close to the site area of Heraion and the settlement of Perachora. It has a sandy beach unlike the beach of Loutraki. It is linked to the waters of Corinthian Gulf through a very narrow channel of 6 meters in width. The see goes into the lake and creates a vortex. There seems to be a tunner that takes away the water. The water flows into the lake like a river taking tons of water with it.
In ancient times it was called Eschatiotis and Gorgopis, named after Megareas’ daughter, Gorgis, who was drowned into the lake. In the area, near the narrow channel of the lake, there have been identified traces of human settlement in the Early Helladic Period, a sign that the area is inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC.


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