Kordis Tower


Northwest, at an altitude of 690 meter is located the village “Pyrgos”. The history of the village begins after fall of Constantinople, when the rich and powerful Mamonas family arrived.
Mamonas family built there a three-floor building in 1580 with a bridge that went up and down. This tower is retained until today, it was the center of the village and people who worked in the area started to build houses around it. That’s how the village “Pyrgos” (in Greek: Tower) was created. During the Ottoman era, the tower was the legacy of Christodoulos Kordis, whose participation in the Greek War of Independence was decisive for the region. The tower was the headquarters of Kolokotronis and a shelter for militants and inhabitants who needed protection. It was unconquerable because of the crenellation and a hole on the door, from which the spilt hot oil on the enemies. Furthermore, during the civil war it was used occasionally as headquarters of either the rebels or the military.


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