KARMA BERCHEN LING Buddhist center


KARMA BERCHEN LING Buddhist center is a special spiritual place that Buddhists chose to isolate and meditate in the nature. It is located on “Black Mountain” (Greek: Mavro Oros), near the village Gelini (Lagkadeika) at an altitude of 1270 meters, in a magical location.
To the very first time Lama Ole Nydahl visited that place along with his Greek students felt the unique energy of the place and decided to build his center of meditation there. His ambition was to also construct a stupa there. So, after 20 years of preparation Kalachakra Stupa was built with the spiritual guidance of Lama Chogdrup Dorje and the help of 1000 Buddhists around the globe.
Every year, thousands of believers come to Gelini to meditate at the place where “peace is prevailed, and the freedom and equality of people is protected”, according to the teachings of Buddhism.


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