Heraion of Perachora


Heraion of Perachora is situated in the Perachora pensinsula, north of the Corinthian Gulf.

The area was calles Heraion because in ancient times there was a temple dedicated to the goddess Hera and it is located on the promontory.
The archaeological site is divided into two sections. Initially archaeologists used to believe that there were two temples, the “temple of Hera Akraia” and the “temple of Hera Limenaia”. Recent excavations have revealed that there was only one temple, the “temple of Hera Akraia – Limenaia”.
In the area, except of the temple of Hera, the most important remains of the early Corinthian civilization have been discovered. To those it is also included a two-story tunnel of shape C (4th century B.C.), a big cistern with an impressive sealing system, dining rooms, probably for the visitors of the temple and a second smaller temple.
The center was the temple of Hera, the small harbor under the Melagavi Lighthouse, as we know it today. The entrance to the archaeological site is free of charge.


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