Feneos is one of the most beautiful mountainous municipalities in Korinthia region and its capital is called Goura. The area has been characterized as “Corinthian Switzerland” due to its natural beauty, its sights and landscapes. The place remains unspoiled, because human intervention is completely harmonized with nature.
The area is a big plateau triangular in shape, surrounded by dense forests.
According to historical evidence, the first people inhabiting the area was Pelasgians and in 1900 B.C it was inhabited by Arcadians.
In Feneos the god Hermes was born, and, in his honor, they organized a festival called “Hermaea”.
Feneos plain during winter was becoming lake because the water from Olvios and Doxa rivers didn’t come out to the see. Then the water fell into sinks in the foothills of Saitas.
According to mythology, Hercules built the sinks of Saitas and through them goddess Demetra went to the Underworld to look for Persephone.
In the northwestern side of the plain there was the acropolis of Feneos. The excavations made in 1958 till 1961 revealed a temple dedicated to the God Asclepius.
Next to the ancient city of Feneos it’s located the lake “Doxa”, in which there is a small island with the church of Agios Fanourios on top. The locals call it “Paliomonastiro”, which in Greek means “old monastery”, because there was built the monastery of Agios Georgios.
Since 17th century it was transferred on the northern side of the lake and it played a crucial role in the Greek War of Independence, while it constituted the base of Filiki Eteria (“Friendly Society”).
The Panagia Vrachou (Virgin of Rock) is a monastery of great beauty and it is built under the shadow of a huge rock. The temple of the monastery is built into a crack in the rock and it is always open for anyone that want to admire the great view to Ziria.
The picturesque villages (Goura, Feneos, Mati, Mosia, Mesino, Ancient city of Feneos, Steno and Panorama) are worth visiting and the beautiful traditional houses, squares and the archaeological site of ancient city of Feneos are worth admiring.


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