Agios Georgios monastery


The historic monastery of Agios Georgios of Feneos is located in a dominant position over the artificial lake “Doxa”, northwest of the settlement of Ancient Feneos.
According to a sign on both sides of the monastery’s entrance, it was built on 1693, although it had been founded since the 14th century. Originally it was built in the place of today’s Palaiomonastero, on the islet into the lake Doxa, where the church of Agios Fanourios is located nowadays.
The monastery used to be patriarchic and stauropegial, i.e. being directly subjected to the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople rather than the local metropolitan bishop. It had with a cross in its foundations, sent by Patriarch to this purpose, called “stauropegion”.
In 18th century, the sacred monastery of Agios Georgios in Feneos gained power with crowds of monks flocked in composing a strong fraternity.
The monastery has been a depositary of the religious and national traditions during Ottoman rule, and a great center of revolution during the Greek War of Independence. During the Ottoman rule, a Crypho Scholio (Secret School) was operating. The headquarter of Filiki Etairia (Friendly Society) had been established there by father superior Nathanael, with the contribution of fathers superiors from monasteries nearby and assemblies were held for planning the revolution with the presence of chieftains from the whole area of Korinthia and Arcadia, with Geros tou Moria (The Old Man of the Morea) in charge.
The donations of wealthy locals made the monastery one of the greatest economic powers in Peloponnese, just before the Revolution.
In 1740, a fire burned down the monastery and it had been restored in 1754.


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