Climbing Field in Solomos (Tsoumpa)

Hellenic Alpine Club of Korinthos

The climbing Field Solomos is located on the southern side of Corinth, near to the village with the same name in Korinthia region. It is a part of the northeast headwall of the mountain Tsoumpa (600 km) and it is visible from the Corinth-Argos Old National Road.
It is a limestone of very good quality, with a very few flaws. The field, with its northeastern orientation, is appropriate for climbing all times of the year and the sun goes away after noon.
The H.A.C of Korinthos helped in the organization of the field by offering material, boards and plugs.
In 2014 the H.A.C of Korinthos carried out the maintenance of the field with new plugs and 15 new routes were opened, on its right side. The degree of difficulty of these routes is 4+ to 6- and in combination with the others, the field is ideal for those who are about to begin to climb.

Hellenic Alpine Club of Korinthos :

5, Ethnikis Antistasis Street, 1st floor (next to the National Bank)

Opening hours Wednesday and Friday 20:00 – 22:00

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