Korfos Municipality of Corinth Korfos is a very cozy fishing village with olive trees and pine trees, 39 km away from Corinth. Its sandy beach with the crystal-clear waters is the ideal choice for relaxing vacation. Korfos has a lot of small hotels.


Lechaio Municipality of Corinth It is located 22 minutes away from Kiato and 12 minutes away from Korinthos. Lechaio is a big organized beach with clear waters and fine sand. Recently it constitutes a very important holiday resort.


Sideronas Municipality of Corinth A sweet secret paradise, Siderona, is a quiet beach with pebbles, ideal for relaxation. Its waters are clear and you can enjoy the view of the Saronic Gulf.


Kechries Municipality of Corinth It is a coastal area in Argosaronic gulf, the ancient port, which had trade activity in eastern Mediterranean. This was also the port that Saint Paul approached, when he arrived in Corinth. Today, visitors enjoy the crystal-clear waters and the sand. At the beach, there is Read more…


Assos Municipality of Corinth A special beach divided into bays. There you can find some bays with pebbles, clean waters and quiet but also bays with sand, shallow and organized with beach bars, perfect for families. There is public parking, soccer field, playground, volleyball and basketball court.


Almyri Municipality of Corinth Almyri, a beach 45 minutes away from the capital, constitutes a perfect choice. It is an organised beach with peddles and crystal-clear waters.

Loutra Oraias Elenis

Loutra Oraias Elenis Municipality of Corinth A beach with peddles, sand and very cold waters. It is ideal for those who want an organised beach with sunbeds and beach bars. It is famous for its hot-springs. Nearby there are springs with fresh water, where, they used to believe that beautiful Read more…


Fragkolimano Municipality of Corinth Fragkolimano is a quiet beach full of peddles, ideal to relax and get some rest. Before you go, you better buy what is necessary because you won’t find it there. The route is easy and the road is quite good.

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