Asopos river

Asopos river Asopia Team Follow the riverside and get a lot of energy by the beauty of nature. Asopos river springs from Trachi mountain, crossing by Korinthia, and it runs into the Corinthian Gulf. Asopia Team-Kiato : Panagiotis Loutas facebook Tel: 6932303835 Route

Milon Canyon

Milon Canyon Asopia Team Milon Canyon is in Geraneia Mountains, where Korinthia region borders with Attica. It took the name “Milon” after the Greek word “mylos”, which means mill. Some ruins of mills were found at the canyon, which show that there was higher water flow. It is appropriate for Read more…


Windsurfing Courses Extremers BASE Extremers BASE gives you the opportunity to take your first steps in the world of Windsurfing with our experienced coach!!! There are courses for adults and children; we offer the equipment and all you have to do, is to bring your bathing suit and have fun!!! Read more…

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