Mougosto Oak Grove

Mougosto Oak Grove Asopia Team Unique routes up to 950 meters, for those who love nature, through the dense forests and the slopes of Mougosto Oak Grove. Mougosto is characterized as aesthetic forest under the forest protection program “Natura 2000”. Its total extent is 7.185-acre and it is located between Read more…

Velina Forest

Velina Forest Asopia Team Velina Forest is a deep forest full of springs, running water and meadows is a wide-open area with lots of beauties. Enjoy the wonderful route through forest roads, asphalt and paths. Asopia Team-Kiato : Panagiotis Loutas facebook Tel : 6932303835

Lake Doxa

Lake Doxa in Feneos Asopia Team Feneos with the beautiful Lake Doxa, which is between the mountains Ziria and Chelmos, is a beautiful region in the mountains of Korinthia. Lake Doxa is an artificial lake at an altitude of 900 meters and it is located in Ancient Feneos. You can Read more…

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